Contract Researches


Based on surveys, questionnaires, and in-depth interviews with physicians, pharmacists, consumers and other market members from 55 Russian regions.

Marketing Objects of the Company

Decisions to be made on the basis of the information obtained:

  • Raising brand awareness
  • Increasing sales volume (% of current values, target group, regions)
  • Market-share gain (maintenance)
  • Profit enhancement (maintenance)
  • Creating a favourable image and reputation of the company
  • New product launch
  • Modified product launch
  • New territorial market gain

Possible Marketing Research Trends

Market research:

  • capacity
  • structure
  • prices
  • competitors
  • environment
  • market position of the Company

Target group research:

  • target group segmentation
  • consumer profile
  • information seeking by the consumer
  • knowledge of the consumer (of the brand, manufacturer, product)
  • consumer decision process
  • significance of consumer properties of the product
  • brand influence
  • brand attitude
  • consumer price expectations

Analysis of Company Strategy and Development of Different Level Strategic Decisions

  • Company structure
  • Positioning
  • Advertisement
  • Distribution
  • Range of Products
  • Pricing
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Service


DSM Group offers special research programs to pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors. We are happy to help you to collect and analyze data on prescription and non-prescription drugs, and dietary BAA in the shortest time.

Compared with surveys and panel study, available for public sale, our program is featured with not only an individual approach to solving any issues the Customer has, but also extensive technical capabilities and efficiency.

Advantages of Special Researches offered by DSM Group

Our researches offer several advantages that address first and foremost complex, non-standard problems often associated with the introduction of business innovations.

Data Representativeness!

Regular panel studies do not guarantee sample representativeness for your product specifically: for example, a prescription drug with a narrow target audience. Thus, Moscow panel study sample may include only 22 patients who switched from your product to a competitor’s drug, while objective analysis requires a minimum of 100 patients.

Pharmacists, physicians and patients databases, collected by DSM Group, will find consumers for your specific product in the amount that significantly reflects the general situation throughout your consumer group.


Regular surveys may not reflect real market statistics: a panel study may present your product as the leading one, while your corporate statistics may evidence sales decrease.

Sales sstatistics and data on target audiences, accumulated by DSM Group, enable accurate calculation of the required sample, and comparing the results with market statistics. For example, data obtained from the consumer survey on retail consumption level and loyalty to your drug must comply with retail statistics.

Data Uniqueness!

Regular researches include a broad, but standard series of questions. Regular projects may neither meet your current objectives, nor enable comparison with a specific competitor or testing new packaging. Such tasks require special events. Regular researches are also incapable of setting the questions you are interested in, for example, the consumer attitude to business changes you are planning.

DSM Group may test characteristics of medical products, estimate the consumer attitude to specific events, and evaluate the effectiveness of promotional activities in the shortest time. These tasks go beyond standard surveys and require application of a wide range of methods: hall tests, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and analysis of documents.

Data Efficiency!

Data offered semiannually by panel studies may not be relevant for the analysis of the current situation. For example, it may not evaluate the advertising impact on product consumption, if the promotional events were held in February, while a regular research is completed in May.

DSM Group will complete the work in 3 weeks, which will allow you to get the information more quickly! Three weeks after signing the contract you will have the final report of any complexity. The pharmacists, physicians and patients databases we have available allow us not to waste time looking for respondents, while high technologies process data of any complexity in a few days.

Data Confidentiality!

Obviously, regular researches are used by all of your competitors; so all the companies in the industry acquire the same level of knowledge about the market situation.

DSM Group lets you have the results of the research and guarantees confidentiality of all the data collected. The information, strictly confidential to your competitors, will create an essential competitive edge. What is more, DSM Group does not make public the fact of cooperation on a special project.

Fair Price!

Regular researches have not only a reasonable price, but also a limited range of tasks. Any additional request will come more expensive.

DSM Group offers unique information at prices, close to the cost of the panel research. Ready-to-use databases and efficient technologies allow us to lower the cost of researches. The information of high importance for your business may cost 6,000 Euro!

Reporting Forms

Each project includes presentations of preliminary and final results. Following the preliminary presentation, the customer requests necessary data and comments.

Documents to be submitted to the customer

Documents to be submitted to the customer


Research tool: questionnaire, instructions, software.

  • The tool is also available for further researches conducted on your own to interconnect the results.


Database, which includes data provided by respondents.

  • The database allows independent processing of statistical data, and merging the obtained data array with earlier information. Typically, the database contains no phone numbers of respondents, as participants of the research did not give consent for the disclosure of their personal data to third parties. In order to enable data verification, DSM Group provides names and phone numbers of 15% of respondents selected by the customer.


Hard and soft copies of the report on the research results.

  • The research contains diagrams, tables and commentaries.

Research parameters are agreed and adjusted during negotiations with the customer. DSM Group has all the resources necessary to solve any tasks set within the project.