Distributor Audit

Distributor audit is sales monitoring and analysis via distributor network.

Sales reports, submitted by distributors, are the important source of information for manufacturers of pharmaceutical products. Regular processing and systematization of such data is a laborious process. DSM Group started delivering the “DSM Group Distributor Audit” service 2006.

DSM Group Distributor Audit monitors:

  • distributor sales to pharmacies and secondary distributors (monthly report).
  • distributors' stock balance (weekly reports possibility).
  • retail sales in pharmacies of the country.

The experience, acquired by the Company, enables prompt and accurate processing of data on sales (including both the commercial market and the State Reimbursement Program) and distributors' stock balance of your products. In five working days you will obtain the report on monitoring outcomes.

DSM Group Distributor Audit will release you from the following problems:

  • Diverse data processing;
  • Obtaining prompt reports from distributors;
  • Real-time sales control;
  • Monitoring sales dynamics;
  • Controlling and motivating sales representatives.

The main advantage of DSM Group is the directory of end salespoints available in a single format and containing different groupings:

  • Detailed description of end salespoints indicating their addresses, subject of the Russian Federation, and the location.
  • Breakdown of the directory into salespoint postal indices.
  • Cities with a million plus populations are divided into official districts and administrative areas.

Working with data obtained under DSM Group Distributor Audit will save your time and effort, and will allow sales planning and control, which will inevitably lead to sales volume increase.