Hospital Audit

Monitoring of Pharmaceuticals Procurement by Medical Facilities of Russia.

The Hospital Audit database is the information on the volume of all pharmaceuticals sold in hospitals of Russia.

The source data is goods receipts available in each of the medical facility. Therefore, the procurement information includes quality and price for all purchased pharmaceuticals, as well as the distributor, supply date, etc.

The data is based on quarterly monitoring of 1,700medical facilities of Russia and monthly processing of competitive bidding data from6,700 medical facilities..

The Hospital Audit database represents information for Russia in general and 83 Federal subjects..

The data is collected quarterly with monthly breakdown . and is updated within 45 working days after the end of the quarter.

The Hospital Audit database is extrapolated to the whole territory of Russia.

The Hospital Audit database will enable:

  • Real-time monitoring of the market situation;
  • Comparison of data with sales of competitors;
  • Evaluation of medical and / or sales representatives;
  • Control of efficiency of advertising campaigns

You have your hands on irreplaceable marketing planning tool.