Monitoring of the Import of Pharmaceutical Products to the Russian Federation.

The Import Database is produced by DSM Group in cooperation with Diamond Vision. This database is the result of monthly import-export operations with pharmaceutical products (FPP and pharmaceutical substances) implemented from January 1998 till present.

The database source is customs declarations.

The technology, used to obtain this product, allows receiving final data on:

  • the number of packages, supplies and average contract price of finished pharmaceutical products;
  • weight (in kilograms), number of supplies and cost volume of pharmaceutical substances.

The database for the import of FPP and pharmaceutical substances presents information related to Russia in general and 82 federal subjects.

The database “DSM Import of FPP and Pharmaceutical Substances” complete with DSM Viewer is delivered in the original Diamond Vision information shell, which allows analyzing all data fields of the original import invoice, and presenting information on manufacturers, importers, recipients, etc. by the following data fields: trade name, pharmaceutical form, international name, ATC-code, pharmaceutical group, FEACN code, manufacturer, supplier, recipient, country of origin, region and city of destination, number of packages, kg, contract price.