The State Reimbursement Program

Monitoring of medical products sales in pharmacies and medical facilities of Russia under the State Reimbursement Federal Program.

Data on sales of all pharmaceutical products in pharmacies of 83 subjects of the Russian Federation under the State Reimbursement Program / Essential Drug Management Program.

The database includes about 4,000 full names of medical products. It is delivered in a soft copy and enables operating the following data fields:

  • Full name of the commodity item (CI)
  • Trade name of the CI
  • International nonproprietary name (INN)
  • Manufacturer
  • Country of origin
  • Dosage form
  • Presentation
  • Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical international classification system approved by WHO
  • Volume of sold CIs in natural values
  • Volume of sold CIs in cost values
  • Average Price
    • Highest price
    • Lowest price
  • Reporting period

and form of data provision:

  • monthly / quarterly
  • with breakdown / without breakdown into districts (areas)
  • soft / hard copy