Weekly Data

Sales data, obtained from pharmacies, goes through background processing, followed by modeling, and control of the output data to identify wild values (automatic control, expert analysis of simulated values). Sales volumes are extrapolated to the whole territory of Russia and its regions.

The Quality Management System of retail audit of the Russian Federation complies with ISO 9001:2008.

“Pharmacies to consumer” sales weekly database goes through the full cycle of processing and analysis, so that you had all the information on your week sales 9 calendar days after the week is over. The database includes data on the entire range of your products.

The selection of DSM Group is amounted to over 4,000 retail pharmacies of the country. The database is formed by the following regional units:

- Russia in general

- Moscow, St. Petersburg

The Weekly Pharmacy Sales Russia database presents information on the following product groups:

1. Pharmaceutical products

2. BAA

3. Cosmetics:
- mass market,
- curative (active),
- selective (premium and luxury)

4. Diagnostic units and means:
- Tonometers,
- Glucometers and test strips,
- Thermometers,
- Pregnancy and ovulation tests,
- Diagnostic tests (to determine menopause and Candidiasis)

5. Surgical dressings:
- Plasters,
- Dressings produced by well-known manufacturers

6. Oral care products:
- Toothpaste,
- Mouthwash,
- Toothbrushes,
- Dental floss,
- Dental fixative cream

7. Nursing items:
- Napkins
- Pampers
- Briefs
- Diapers
- Incontinence pads and towels

8. Sanitary protection products:
- Baby pampers
- Baby diapers, receiving blankets
- Napkins
- Feminine sanitary protection

9. Barrier contraception products
- Condoms

10. Medical products
- Nasal products (Aqualor, etc.),
- Eye drops (nonmedicinal drugs),
- Arthrosis products (prosthetic implants)

11. Medical devices and tools
- Inhalers,
- Nebulisers,
- Dolphin system, etc.

12. Repellent and Insecticidal Agents.

Querying parameters are identical for all DSM Group databases and can be assembled in any variations to produce various reports.

This product will enable weekly:

- Control of efficiency of advertising campaigns

- Monitoring of retail prices

- Monitoring of sales to end consumers

- Analysis of marketing, demand and consumption of medical products, and the influence of seasonal factors and holidays

- Real-time monitoring of the market situation

- Evaluation of medical and / or sales representatives performance