Graphic Arts

We believe promotional print is one of the most reliable and tested types of advertisement for your business. It is closely associated not only with daily and regular events held to support and increase sales, and brand awareness, but also festivals and ceremonial events, and routine office work.

We realize your promotional materials, being the company’s image, are representative by their nature; so we meet the highest quality standards and produce promotional prints corresponding to modern technological requirements at all times.

DSM Group is also a provider of a wide range of printing services, including leaflets and booklets, brochures and catalogues, promotional and office books, paper bags with logo image, calendars, and POS materials

The reliable and true advantage of DSM Group is the extensive equipment, which allows creating diverse, individual and complex products.


Typically, these are cheap promotional gifts, which are being given out by promoters in crowded places, such as issue-related exhibitions and conferences, attended by not only professionals but also potential consumers of your products and services, and during campaigns dedicated to promote your brand. The handouts are mainly various printing products - leaflets, flyers, booklets, brochures, notebooks, etc., that are both informative and promotional.

Primary virtue of this product:
- relative cheapness;
- informational content;
- brilliance;
- prolonged and repeated use;
- makes it possible to comprehend the information;
- is a great addition to advertising campaigns in mainstream media;
- adoes not cause any consumer’s irritation, rarely interrupting the routine life and not being imposed, unlike other media.

In addition to printing handouts, we offer cheap promotional gifts.

  • Раздаточные материалы

  • Раздаточные материалы
  • Раздаточные материалы
  • Раздаточные материалы
  • Раздаточные материалы
  • Раздаточные материалы
  • Раздаточные материалы
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Official Products

Official printing products are used for advertising and presentation of corporate identity. Today, this is not only a way to declare prosperity and steady development, and highlight the status of your Company, but a true attribute of business relationship.

Main types of official products:
- letterheads for documents, contracts, business letters, including receipts, invoices, ID cards, consignment notes, tickets, etc;
- envelope of various sizes for letters (Euro size), contracts (C4) and other correspondence, leaflets, and official information;
- folders of mainly A4 size are irreplaceable in office routine of any company, being used for storage and transfer of papers, and presentations to partners and clients;
- business cards are important representative accessory of both a company and an employee. They create and preserve positive image.

  • Representative production
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Calendars are one of the most popular types of promotional prints. Corporate calendars are a great way to introduce your company and gently remind to your partners of your company throughout the year. There are various types of calendars, including pocket, quarterly, desk, or wall calendars.

Pocket calendars are often given at fairs and promotional campaigns. Unlike a leaflet, a nice pocket calendar will never be thrown away, so it will keep reminding of a promoted brand or a product for a long time. As a rule, such type of calendars have standard size of 7Ñ…10 cm, bear two-sided lamination and round corners.

Desk calendars are convenient and efficient. They take up minimum space and are always within eyeshot. Desk calendars may be flip or plain, of classic (210Ñ…120 mm, 85Ñ…120 mm when ready prepared), or irregular size and original shape. Postprinting, e.g. indexing or lettering, may add originality and attractiveness to your calendars.

Quarterly calendars is a good gift that any office needs. Quarterly calendars may be made with the use of one or three springs, or may have an individual top slide and one to four advertising areas. A convenient calendar grid, impressive size, and a marker to highlight the current date – this is what makes the quarterly calendar an ideal modern working tool, appropriate both in the office and at home. One spring calendars consist of a poster, a base and a single calendar block of a three months sheet. Three springs calendars consist of a poster three bases and a calendar block split into sheets by months, thereby increasing the number of advertising areas.

Wall flip calendars are the most prestigious of all kinds of calendar products, which are custom-individual. Wall flip calendars may consist of 6 two-side printed sheets or 12 one-side printed sheets. A cover and a base are almost always available as well.

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Day Planners

Day or week planners are the most important business printing products, which are used daily today. They are ideal assistants for timely record of important information and optimal business planning.

A large flow of information a man today is facing at home and work is impossible to remember. A planner may remind of upcoming business meeting or a friend’s anniversary. All the information put in the planner is accurately and clearly structured, which helps to restore the required information at any time.

A day planner is not only an individual tool for business planning, but also a prestigious corporate gift

There are several types of day planners:
- Dated day planners have a particular reference to calendar days of the relative year. One page refers to one working day; Saturday and Sunday are put together on one page. For convenience, page borders can be perforated at the corner of the block, which makes it possible to open the block right on the page with last records.
- Undated day planners if compared to the dated ones are not seasonal corporate gifts. Such type of day planners is more convenient for people with flexible work schedule or for those who need more than one page a day. Undated day planners can be gifts at any season of a year.

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