DSM Group Marketing Agency specializes in pharmaceutical market researches and advertising services to the companies in the industry. .

Today, DSM Group is a Russia-wide Company that regularly monitors all pharmaceutical sectors, including import, distribution, pharmaceuticals retail sales, hospital procurement and state procurement under the State Reimbursement Program. Moreover, the Company monitors sales of non-medicinal products, including skin care products and parapharmaceuticals (biologically active additives, diagnostic devices, personal care products, and health care products, etc.)

DSM Group offers data referred not only to Russia, but also CIS countries (Belorussia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Armenia, etc.) and Georgia.

The results of DSM Group research team works are pharmaceutical market analytical databases.

In addition to regular products (ready-for-service databases), the agency is also running research projects on request of its clients.

The Quality Management System of DSM Group retail audit complies with the international standard of ISO 9001:2008.

In 2004, DSM Group founded the Advertising Departmentto render advertising services to pharmaceutical specialists. Marketing planning, design, development and supply of promotional gifts and print media materials, organization and facilitation of events, campaigns, postal mailing in Russia, individual projects – we are masters of all marketing communication channels. Deep knowledge of the market that we possess ensures truly successful projects. In 2006, DSM Group doubled its loyal customers of advertising services.

Experienced permanent staff resources include about 50 persons, who are experts in pharmaceutics, marketing and advertisement. The expert commentary of DSM Group is highly valued in pharmaceutical and business community. The analytics developed by DSM Group is frequently published in issue-related mass media, while recognized general interest media (Kommersant, Vedomosti, RBCdaily) make reference to agency statistics nearly daily, while investment analytics and large banks also use the data developed by DSM Group.


Mr. Sergey Shulyak, the Director of the Company, is a recognized expert in the market, and a permanent speaker at specialized forums and conferences.

Mr. Shulyak is a member of the European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR), a member of the Coordination Council of Russian Pharmaceutical Marketing Association..

We truly appreciate our partners and credibility!